About Service of Others ORG

Ever since I was a small child I have always found pleasure in making other people happy. As an adult I have dedicated myself to working on things that would bring great benefit to man. I applied my genius to building better computers and software to bring information to the world. After building a small nest egg from nothing, I went to work in the renewable energy field which has always been my life's mission. I have dedicated myself working long hours for 9 years building several companies. Greed by service of self individuals ultimately tore each of these adventures apart. I am now understanding that burden of material wealth is getting in the way of the earth healing information I have been given.

I now feel that my best effect may be to open source my ideas for the benefit of man.

In intend to develop a transparent crowd-funded charity portal that fosters crowd interactive access to charitable funds. Create a Gantt chart style project management system that provides real time tracking of progress and results for charitable projects. Receipts, use of funds and results of projects are provided to funders, founders and public a large. Make ongoing charitable efforts, where groups submit campaign ideas and donars vote via online portal for approval of use of thier funds

Contribute to the Develop a Open Patent License system that can prevent important human benefiting technologies and ideas from being held back via private patents office for manufacture and general use. Similar to Linux GPL, yet allow for registration of patents in the public domain with a verifiable time date stamps that prevent future filings of private patents. The Anti-patent.

Primary Projects

Promote the development of a SOLAR APPLIANCE that produces electricity and uses the thermal energy with silica gel water absorption to produce refrigeration, fresh water, hot water and cooking steam. Provides the basics for modern life at nearly any location on the planet.

Promote adaptable micro PERMA-CULTURE FARMING techniques that maximize all locations to be self sustainable. Produce super-food seed/microbial/fungi mixes that regenerate poor soils and produce viable crops. Develop frost control and automated green houses that can increase food security.

Develop a rapid ELECTRIC CAR CONVERSION program uses common model cars and makes inexpensive grid smart electric vehicles. Take cars that are at the end of there engines mechanical life, yet still road worthy and convert them into electric cars that sell for less than $10,000 US dollars. Make the electric drive train and battery compatible with Grid Power. The system can substitute as a backup power supply for your home and possibly take advantage of smart meters and time of use to maximize benefits to users.

Promote NATURAL AND REGENERATIVE MEDICINE that extends and improves life. Promote adult stem cell therapies that use the patients own tissues to regenerate and improve health quality during aging. Promote wholestic health education that attempts to take into account all the environmental, physical and psychological elements that contribute to ones health.

Current Funding Program

Eureka, Solar Well in now in production and have started working on a Superfood Test Farm.

In 2012 I moved to a remote 80 acres off-grid cabin in Wrightwood California. While living on the property I have become inspired by the existing perma-culture garden of super-foods that are cultivated in the Mountain Desert around me. The ethnobotany is amazing, the people that lived here had established a productive self maintaining gardens produced in all types of years. Even after being negelected for hundereds of years, ravened by cattle farmers, burnt down it still is producing vialbe crops each year.

Utilizing a 2.2kW solar array I am now able to pump about 2200 gallons per day from the 600 foot well. I am starting test plots of Quinoa, Amaranth, Maskal Teff, Chia, Buckwheat for grain production in the canyons unique environment.